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We live in a time of profound global change. How do we participate in this rapidly changing world as the most realized versions of ourselves?


Created especially for empaths, purpose-seekers, creatives, human potential enthusiasts, and emerging change-makers from all walks of ignite creativity, get clear, shift stuck emotional patterns, and activate the untapped brain synergy needed to thrive in all areas of life.

This course is about waking up a deeper level of Self, unlocking the power of your inner operating system, actualizing your most inspired goals, and generating the resilience needed to courageously follow the path that truly calls you. The time is Now...the world needs you! 



Empower your creative influence in 2018!

Summary of What is Included
  • Five weekly 2.5-hour training and mentoring sessions with Hanna Jordan
  • Weekly inspirational action guides & practices
  • Weekly mind + brain + emotional re-patterning training
  • Creative mindset work (with specific consciousness-enhancing medicinal herbs (optional).
  • Private online forum & Facebook group
  • Inspirational co-creative community
Unique Herbal Meditation Tonics &
Mind, Heart, Brain, and Consciousness-Aligning Herbal Formulas
(Handcrafted by Hanna specifically for this course)
Transformation-packed Workbook
The early registration price ends January 28th
(Regular Tuition $397)  -  Early Registration Tuition $337
The Course Begins Thursday, February 15th at 7:00 - 9:30pm
Limited space - early registration recommended.
(Flexible payment options available )
- Inquire about partial scholarship and work-study availability if you are experiencing financial hardship -

1 payment of



2 payments of


Join our supportive cauldron of transformation, and initiate the changes you want experience in your life in 2018.


A Five-Week Course in Portland, Oregon

Thursday Evenings:  2/15 - 2/22 - 3/1 - 3/7 - 3/15

(Available live online with Zoom )

Awaken your influence in life this year!

About the Course
Our mission will be to re-pattern a new inner architecture beyond the grip of the old operating system, to discover in what ways we are out of balance or stuck (in any area of life or self) that prevents us from moving forward, and to begin to take one bold and intuitive step at a time in the direction of our unique purpose and potential. 

Reclaiming Your Inner Operating System is for you if you want to:


  • Connect more deeply with your authentic Self.

  • Learn key neuroscience-based strategies for re-patterning limiting beliefs.

  • Activate untapped brain energy. 

  • Ignite your imagination and creativity.

  • Break free from subconscious self-sabotage patterns.

  • Shift emotional blocks to inner transformation and change.

  • Accomplish empowering goals in your life that help you thrive.

  • Make a difference in the world with your unique potential.

  • Cultivate optimal brainwave frequencies for creativity, health, and change.

  • Understand the intuitive intelligence of your heart. 

  • Access your inner knowing and guidance with more clarity.

  • Learn how your core wounds, past trauma, and key archetypes are essential to understanding your purpose.

  • Co-create truly transformative community in support of everyone's highest potential .

  • Work with ancient wisdom herbs in an evolutionary way to deeply shift your mindset and emotional balance.**

** The optional herbs included in this course are legal in all states, uncontroversial, safe, and have been used for thousands of years in herbal medicine.


The Challenge of Inner Change: Neuroscience research informs us that we're wired for survival to more or less perpetually repeat the autopilot life we're currently living. This includes our fear-based habits, addictive patterns, and tendencies to avoid pursuing our dreams and creative aspirations, despite our best efforts to think positively or try to force change through sporadic feats of willpower.

With self-reflection, archetypes, emotional re-patterning, depth-process, neuroscience, ancient herbal wisdom and more...we will navigate into the deep waters of the Self to reconnect with the rhythms of Nature. We will focus on shifting the subconscious programming that blocks our creativity and ability to fully participate as forces for positive change in our lives and in the world.

This is not about specific marketing strategies for entrepreneurship or large social impact (even if that is your eventual goal). Rather, it's about who you are being, how your are relating, and what you are creating... 


Important Information

We will meet for 2.5 hours each Thursday evening, and each week you will work on specific exercises and processes on your own and with the support of our transformative community. You will have access to a private online forum as a place to share, connect, and be inspired.


We will meet at Vital Ways School of Herbal Medicine in Portland, unless you're joining us online. 

Please dress in layers, and bring with you any snacks or special beverages you may want. Tea and hot water will be provided.

Also please bring writing utensils, notebook, and cushion if you prefer to sit on the cork floor. There are comfortable chairs and tables available as well. 

Arrival: Class will begin promptly at 7:00pm. Please arrive by 6:45pm to settle in, make tea, etc.


To subconsciously try to stay "safe", we've constrained our true natures, lost momentum on our inward journeys, and lost trust in the intelligence of our hearts      . By retreating to our minds and our auto-response emotional hardwiring, we have chronically subdued the wild rhythms of nature within us with deleterious consequences... 

DONATE Scholarship

Date & Time:

Date: 2/8, 2/15, 2/22, 3/1, 3/7

Time: 7:00-9:30PM

Space limited - Early registration recommended.


Venue: Vital Ways - School of Herbal Medicine

2714 NE Alberta Street, Portland, OR

Online: This class is available live online via Zoom.

Facilitated by:  Hanna Jordan



Catalyst, seeker, empath, intuitive, coach, Certified Heartmath™ Trainer.  Psychotherapist (LCSW with 10+ years experience) focused on human potential, mindfulness, neuroscience, flow, resilience, positive psychology, transpersonal psychology, depth process, trauma recovery, relationship, and somatic embodiment. Clinical herbalist and Mind/Body Curriculum Director @

Vital Ways School of Herbal Medicine & Center for Holistic Health)

Learn more about Hanna

Dare to listen to your heart, and rewire your life...



At some point, if we're lucky, we reach a cross-roads at which we know one path leads towards our purpose and deepest calling, and the other leads anywhere else...


The first path is not usually the emotionally comfortable path. It seems to lead straight into the unknown, but we can feel it in our hearts and our bones that this is the journey we're somehow called to take. What is required is an inner leap in the direction of our highest potential. If this is you...I can help. 

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