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I specialize in therapy and coaching for creative individuals and people in leadership roles who regularly find themselves in demanding environments while navigating high-stakes, high-stress relationships and decisions while needing to be on top of their game most of the time.

If you live and work with a lot of pressure to perform you may be more susceptible to the impact of stress. It is common to experience higher levels of anxiety, confidence related challenges, worry, fear, unworthiness, depression, struggles with  connection and intimacy, insecurities about your body and image, navigating work and family to name a few. 

If you have trauma in your past, this increases the challenge level further. 

Your work may also put you face to face with "being seen", which tends to dredge up all sorts of unpleasantries from our inner selves. Our inner critics and perfectionism can run rampant, and we may struggle to regain balance. We may feel like we have to choose between our joy, freedom, creativity, relationships, and our professional or family responsibilities.

Everyone goes through times when life throws curve balls that make it challenging to stay in balance while performing optimally. For some professions and life paths, where a lot of responsibility for others rests on one's shoulders, self care during such times, can become a real challenge. At these times, it is common to turn towards addictions and distractions, of various kinds to push away the stress and feelings  enough to make up the gap. This often has undesirable consequences. 

If this  resonates with you, contact me to schedule a time to talk.

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