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Hanna, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and psychotherapist in private practice for over 10 years, is the MindBody Curriculum director and senior instructor at Vital Ways. (She co-founded The School of Traditional Western Herbalism (now Vital Ways) in 2008 with Christopher Smaka, the present owner and director).


She specializes in teaching herbal medicine for Mind, Brain, Mood, and Consciousness to herbalists, and other healing arts practitioners, as well as mentoring and educating herbalists in the area of clinical practice and herbal medicine strategies in supporting mental and emotional vitality. 

Hanna is available for personal mentoring, herbalist education at the Vital Ways, as well as her own online herbal courses and trainings.

To learn more about Hanna's philosophy of mental and emotional health and MindBody curriculum at Vital Ways - click LEARN MORE


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Vital Ways School, and Center for Holistic Herbalism, Nutrition, & MindBody Medicine.

2714 NE Alberta Street

Portland, OR 97211

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