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Vital Ways - MindBody Curriculum

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Hanna is MindBody curriculum architect and senior instructor at Vital Ways School of Holistic Herbal Medicine. The summary below represents her philosophy regarding health and wellbeing, represented in her online courses, mentoring, and instruction at Vital Ways. 

At Vital Ways we acknowledge the intricate inter-connectedness of all elements of health, vitality, and wellbeing, and draw no sharp lines between mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

At a time in history when pharmaceutical depression and anxiety prescriptions are at an all-time high, and over 80% of medical visits are deemed stress related, we recognize that it is perhaps more crucial than ever to not dismiss the connection between the mind, consciousness, emotion, and the body in strategies to achieve optimal health. Our mental and emotional wellbeing is crucial to achieving optimal physical health, and our physical health has a profound influence on our mental/emotional wellbeing. 

As such we believe it is essential that our Vital Ways herbalists are trained in a cross-disciplinary manner as it pertains to mindbody health, and that their training includes being thoroughly informed and savvy about holistic and integrative support for mental/emotional wellbeing and stress resilience in addition to functional nutrition and traidtional herbal medicine.

Hanna Jordan, LCSW

Our Unique MindBody Focused Curriculum:

Combining their integrative backgrounds, Herbal School Co-founder / Vital Ways Director Chris Smaka and Co-Founder Hanna Jordan, LCSW have co-created a MindBody focused curriculum that is unique in it’s depth and breadth of supporting the increasingly complex health needs of the modern person.

MindBody curriculum architect Hanna Jordan, LCSW brings her 10+ years experience as a mental health therapist, performance coach, meditation practitioner, mind-hacker, and more recently Heartmath Trainer, to the Vital Ways program, which in addition to cutting edge herbal medicine integrates a number of evidence based MindBody and stress reduction modalities as well as education around conventional mental health strategies, positive psychology, eco-psychology, neuroscience research, ethics, scope of practice, and more.

Through this in-depth holistic training, our Vital Ways trained herbalists leave our program with a grounded and balanced confidence and strategies that are not only research supported and steeped in traditional herbal wisdom, but also truly transformative.

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