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“If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path.”   - Joseph Campbell

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Upcoming Courses & Workshops

Upcoming Courses & Workshops 2021

coming soon...

ReclaimING Your Inner Operating System

A New Year's Deep Dive to Initiate

Your Most Courageous Leap into 2018 

Date:  2/15 - 3/15 (2018)

Location: Portland, OR

Also offered live online.

with Hanna Jordan, LCSW

#Me too. Now what?

Keys to to Transforming Trauma and Toxic Shame in Self and Community 


Date:  Nov 14th, 2018

Portland, OREGON

and live online

with Hanna Jordan, LCSW

Herbs for Depression & Anxiety

Holistic Strategies for the New Year

Date:  December 2018


Registration Closed

with Hanna Jordan, LCSW

about Hanna


Integrative Medicine Physician & Wellness


Entrepreneur, Thought Rebel,

& Start-up CEO.

Working with Hanna has been a wild journey of transformation both personally and professionally. Her  intuitive approach to breaking through obstacles and helping me tune into what is  next has helped me create in a way that truly reflects my vision. 

International Team Manager at Global Tech Company.

I can't say enough about how much Hanna has helped me to achieve my goals .  If you are looking for someone who can help you break through the barriers holding you back in life, I can't recommend Hanna enough.

She has helped me find my voice, something I hid away and.... MORE

Working with Hanna has literally been a life changing experience for me, both personally and professionally. 


She has unique and intuitive ways of helping shift old patterns. We have... MORE

Chinese Medicine


After graduate school in Chinese Medicine I was overwhelmed, exhausted, and intimidated by the next steps. 


Working with Hanna helped me find my own inspiration again.  Then, with strategies on... MORE

Hanna Jordan


Catalyst, seeker, empath, intuitive, coach, Certified Heartmath™ Trainer.  

Psychotherapist (LCSW with 10+ years experience) focused on human potential, mindfulness, neuroscience, flow, resilience, positive psychology, transpersonal psychology, depth process, trauma recovery, relationship, and somatic embodiment. Clinical herbalist and Mind/Body Curriculum Director @

Vital Ways School of Herbal Medicine & Center for Holistic Health)

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A taste of topics:

  • Neuroscience, Happiness, Consciousness

  • Herbal Remedies for Mind + Brain + Mood 

  • Self-actualization + Human Potential 

  • Creativity + Flow

  • Inner Evolution for Global  Change

  • Myth, Aspiration, and Transformation

  • Breaking Through Emotional Barriers 

  • Optimal Brain Health

  • Natural Nootropics & Mind-Hacking

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At some point, if we're lucky, we reach a cross-roads at which we know one path leads towards our purpose and deepest calling, and the other leads anywhere else...


The first path is not usually the emotionally comfortable path. It seems to lead straight into the unknown, but we can feel it in our hearts and our bones that this is the journey we're somehow called to take. What is required is an inner leap in the direction of our highest potential. If this is you...I can help. 

  • Replenish your energy.

  • Balance your emotions.

  • Quiet an overactive mind.

  • Increase Creativity & Focus.

Our heart rhythm patterns are the best reflection of our inner state. We can use the Inner Balance to see what's going on inside of us and learn how to shift into a state of balance, self-reliance and renewing feelings, such as appreciation and compassion.

Live from the Heart to track your emotional balance and heart-brain coherence. 

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