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I am not your typical coach, and I don’t work in a typical way. There are thousands of books on finding your purpose, healing, and manifesting your dreams, not to mention business tactics and strategy. In my experience, most people (especially those creatively inclined or empaths) don’t get where they want with a cookie cutter approach...

My expertise and focus is in the process of inner transformation. I’ve studied the inner workings of people my entire life. I’ve spent over 10 years and literally thousands of hours with clients as a coach and as a licensed psychotherapist, primarily working with creatives and empaths in every imaginable career field. In particular who started seeking me out were creative and visionary types, conscious entrepreneurs, leaders in business, healing arts practitioners, and aspiring thought leaders...all inspired to make a difference in the world in their unique way. 


Over the years, as I kept doing my own inner work, I began to observe more and more subtle patterns, strengths, and challenges in my clients, that helped me hone my intuition and my ability to help them deeply transform. For this learning, I am incredibly grateful.

Over the past 10 years I’ve also immersed myself in coaching strategy, the latest findings in brain health, neuroscience, flow and performance research, herbal medicine, and positive psychology, to name a few, and I personally find my truth and magic in the bridge between the scientific and the mystical.

Finally I’m a Heartmath Certified Trainer through the Heartmath Institute, and through that am versed in the energetics of the heart-brain connection, stress, coherence, and performance research. I facilitate trainings to teams, management, and leadership, and organizations on stress, resilience, and coherence and engagement.

1:1 COACHING with Hanna

My coaching process is pretty straight forward.


We'll explore your goals in depth, as well as your

stories, limiting belief's, fears, values, unique gifts, and your emotional operating system.


Perhaps most importantly we'll navigate into the world of your inner calling and purpose and discover the version of yourself being called upon to succeed on your journey. 

Our work together will primarily be about making that Leap...usually several leaps, and about how to live resiliently with that new momentum, and to sustain it with joy, play, and creativity. 

If you'd like to schedule a conversation to talk about your goals, please fill out the short form below. 

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