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About Hanna Jordan

Hanna Jordan, LCSW is a human potential-focused coach, mentor, teacher, licensed psychotherapist (11+years), clinical herbalist, Heartmath™ Certified Trainer, and MindBody Curriculum Director and senior instructor at Vital Ways School of Herbal Medicine & Center for Holistic Health. Her mission is to empower and inspire people in becoming the most vibrant and realized versions of themselves in all areas of their lives, and to follow their calling to make a difference in the world. Her focus and passion is in human potential, mindfulness, neuroscience, heart-brain intelligence, herbal medicine, intuition, flow state, resilience, Positive Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, depth process, shadow work, trauma recovery, relationship, and somatic embodiment.


As a Heartmath™ Certified Trainer, trained at the Heartmath Institute, in Santa Cruz, she delivers trainings and consulting to innovation-focused organizations, corporations, and small businesses that want to support generate employee resilience, performance, health, engagement, focus, and creativity. 

In 2008 she co-founded of The School of Traditional Western Herbalism (Now Vital Ways - School & Center for Nutrition, Holistic Herbalism, and MindBody Medicine), where she serves as mind-body curriculum director, and senior instructor. She teaches courses on inner transformation, mind and brain herbs, and also mentors senior students and herbal practitioners.


Her clients are: Mothers, fathers, creatives, artists, designers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, culture innovators, speakers, financial planners, visionaries, teachers, authors, engineers, therapists, doctors, lawyers, performers, graduate students, managers and more...

My Journey & My Calling.....

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